Minimal Heels / Outlet

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Straight from the runway to your heels!

Our Minimal Heels are made out of very light beige satin and have thin heels. And they finish at such a perfect length to reveal your ankles so they're super flattering too!

*this item was made by love for our SS19 runway and has been worn there by our wonderful models. Even though they have only been worn once, they are samples and may have small wear and tears at the soles.

*bu ürün özen ve sevgiyle SS19 defilemiz için yapılmış ve defilemizde müthiş mankenlerimiz tarafından giyilmiştir. Yalnızca bir kere giyilmiş olmalarına rağmen numune oldukları sebebiyle tabanlarında aşınma veya yıpranmaya sahip olabilirler.

thin heels / plastic sole under the heel so it doesn't erode easily / slip-on