Vegan Leather Pants with Ruffled Belt

980.00 TL Regular price 2,450.00 TL

ME team's favorite pants this season. These are tapered vegan leather pants with pleats along the waist. They are cropped at the ankle. They also come with a ruffled belt that takes your whole outfit to another level (and it's detachable so you can wear it with your other clothes!). These go perfect with all ME white shirts but especially with our Batwing Shirt.

high waist / hidden zipper at the front / hidden pockets at the side / pleats along the waist band / tapered hem / comes with a detachable ruffled belt

Materials and Care
  • 100% Polyester
  • Dry clean only
  • You hear that noise when you unfold me? It’s the sweet sound of uncruelty. Although I do not look it I am made out of vegan leather, so I may get a little stuck if you keep me folded for a long time. If you need to fold me just treat me gently while I unfold back into shape, and hang me lovingly on a hanger afterwards.