In the April of 2000 believing in a white shirt’s
power and timelessness, Mehtap Elaidi built a
brand offering statement shirts that could be worn
both in the day and the night. Little by little, the
collections grew with the addition of
accompanying pieces.

Now Mehtap Elaidi is an all-around ready-to-
wear brand offering all kinds of items such as
dresses, skirts, and jackets. 
Though some
things never change; our canvas remains the
same after all these years, a crisp cotton fabric
that lives, breathes and is forever a classic.
We love to play around with volumes and
innovative cuts so our collections are very
cotton or cotton blend oriented since like us,
cotton is unapologetic and always voluminous!
We also pride ourselves in using the highest
quality cotton in our classic black and whites
season after season.